Sold paintings


Another of my paintings, which stand out from my usual work. The depth of this painting can have everything that means to me to create and, above all, to live. I was inspired by Renaissance frescoes and the life and work of the genius artist Michelangelo Buonarotti. I find many parables with our time. We too live in turbulent times, we seek perfection, for the meaning of life, and our faith often takes place through forced reform. Michelangelo opposed the future, which determined for him the family tradition of politics and business. He went his own way – the path of art and the desire to create. Thanks to his talent, when he was very young he got to the Medici Palace, which at the time was the top of the art ladder. The icing on the imaginary cake was the papal order to decorate the Sistine Chapel, which he agreed to paint, even he was considering himself being a sculptor. He always strives for a perfect representation of ideas and he was seldom satisfied with his work. Here I see the parable of today, we place high demands on ourselves, we set ourselves extreme goals, the surrounding world is placing us into pigeon holes and evaluates everything, from the beginnings of origin and ending with our styles of dressing and behavior. We are undermining ourselves, submitting to these demands even when we are not sure that this is what we really want. Therefore, with this painting, I would like to give you the opportunity to remind yourself that we should follow our dreams and live our lives among ourselves, turn today to our advantage and not allow others with their disagreements and rejections to hold back our own renaissance.