About me

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site, which is dedicated to my interest and love of painting.
Šárka Marková
Paintings are my relaxation, my world in which I can be completely myself. I was originally trained as a goldsmith. I enjoyed making jewellery, especially when I saw people wearing  my work.
Later, my manual dexterity expanded from decoupage to painting pictures with acrylic paints. I paint for the joy of painting. Being able to use brushes and colours to express my feelings and thoughts is liberating. I’ve been doing this hobby for about 7 years and I don’t have a uniform technique, so here you can find more styles, from landscape painting, through modern projects to abstract paintings that leave room for imagination.
Since I don’t like to stick to one style, I have been creating resin paintings for the last 2 years, supplemented by different materials. I don’t work conceptually, I rarely know exactly how the final creation will look, I let myself be guided by the mood and feelings of the moment. But I ALWAYS put my heart and soul into each of my paintings. There is a piece of my inner self in every one.
Each piece is an original, created with love, passion and a taste for painting.
Welcome to my world.

Yours Šárka – MS Art