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I painted a similar picture to order. Then I thought about people and, as a lot of people are locked in, I painted this picture which (I think) a lot of people will see, and maybe I will motivate them to do something.

Why HIDDEN DESIRE? We are human beings, and it is normal for everyone to have their dreams, their desires to do something, to take a look somewhere, to try something, to experience something. But we all play at being someone we are not, and when the door closes behind us, we begin to be our own person, not one hundred percent in front of our family, acquaintances or partners, but in front of ourselves. We begin to take refuge in our dreams again, unspoken dreams that we are afraid to tell anyone about, and many people are reconciled to the fact that their dreams will remain their dreams, without trying to talk about them to anyone. What would people think of them? They would slander them, burn them. After all, only you have those secret desires, while others are perfectly normal, and do not have their dreams….But it is not like that at all! We each have our dreams, desires, wishes, and it’s up to us to shout it out to the world, no matter what people think of us. You would be surprised how many people would sympathize with you! 😉

❗️Be your own person!
❗️Be original!
❗️Be yourself!
❗️Live your own life, not anyone else’s!

Size: 40 x 50 cm
Technique: acryl on canvas, bandage material, ink, wood, structure paste