Sold paintings


So I tried to paint something completely different from an abstract painting. I like to experiment and I always like to accept challenges to paint something other than abstraction. And as it’s almost Spring, I tried to paint a flower that symbolises romance, love, tenderness, beauty, joy, peace of mind and contemplation. Do they work that way for you too?
For example, I read something about flowers and women on Google. Did you know that you don’t often receive a flower on your first date? I didn’t know that, either. But we women like to get flowers so much, so it is encoded in both men and women that a gentleman should bring a flower on a first date. And when he brings it, it should be 1 flower and not a bouquet of flowers. And if a guy wants to show that he is romantic and it is Spring, then he should bring, for example, a primrose if lavender. But what are these?
And the most important thing that people don’t know is that the flower must be offered unwrapped.

❤️ I wish you such a beautiful romantic day.

Size: 50 x 50 cm
Technique : akryl, pouring on canvas