Acrylic paintings


While producing this painting I had some strange feelings and thoughts; that our whole life is spent spinning around and that what we sow we will eventually reap. I thought about myself, the people I know and their life experiences and that negative situations can often be of our own making – even if we don’t recognise it or want to admit it. This is why the painting depicts circles, strong or thin, different colours both warm and cold, positive & negative. Everything comes back to us.

Why? Because of:

For most of us ‘karma’ is just a word, but few know exactly what it means when we hear the phrase ‘karma has overtaken you’. Without getting into a long philosophical discussion, in short karma is the law of cause and effect. So, however we behave, think or speak we influence karma. It blends into our future lives and, depending on how we behave, we will reap it. When a person behaves in a negative way bad things can come back to affect their life. Conversely, positive thinking and positive decent behaviour will come back to us in the form of good news when we behave accordingly. When we think and behave positively we are successful and can expect a better future, however if we think negatively and behave rudely to others we should not expect a better future.
Unfortunately, Karma is only a part of the universe and life and we can’t control everything in our lives, so karma is not destiny, it is part of your future, a future that you can control.

Size: 80 x 60 cm
Technique: acryl on canvas, structure paste

Price: 300 EUR